Quotezine is a small team of like-minded friends who believe in creating and curating bite-sized inspiration. For us, that starts with motivational quotes, images and videos that will inspire you as much as they do us.

We believe in the power of words to unite, divide, inspire, offend and even entertain. Most importantly, though, we view quotes as a way to turn inspiration into action.

Whether it’s timeless or trending; controversial or topical; captivating or cat-related; we will use it, because, internet.

And we love GIFS, so, there’s a few of those.

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Drake, Sad, Hard Work, Rumi

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These are some of the users and sites who “get” us:

buzzfeedBuzzfeed Germany: 22 things that all understand, who can express their feelings badly


Sports Illustrated:

Extra Mustard – Odds & Ends

Extra Mustard – Friday P.M. Hot Clicks: Jessica White; When Pitchers Doctor Baseballs


Mommyish: Someone Needs To Tell Tila Tequila That A Baby Can’t ‘Save Your Life’

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