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Dj Khaled Quotes: The Keys To Success

@djkhaled has quickly become the hip hop Tony Robbins with his quotable keys to success series. If you follow him on Snapchat and/or Instagram, you’ve probably come across a few of these.

As a DJ, Khaled has always been known for his famous one-liners and lyrics on songs, but this social media series of ad-libs is winning him a lot of new fans.

Below are many of the most memorable “keys” and other classic Dj Khaled quotes.

Another One!


They don’t want you to win – Dj Khaled


Watch your back, but more importantly when you get out the shower, dry your back. It’s a cold world out there. – DJ Khaled


Be a star. Be a Superstar. – DJ Khaled


I remember when I ain’t have a jacuzzi – DJ Khaled


All I do is WIN, WIN, WIN no matter what – DJ Khaled


The other day the grass was brown, now its green cuz I ain’t give up. Never surrender. – DJ Khaled


Almond milk + cinnamon crunch = major key to success. – DJ Khaled



When you stop making excuses and you work hard and go hard you will be very successful. – DJ Khaled


The key is to enjoy life, because they don’t want you to enjoy life. – DJ Khaled


They’ll try to close the door on you… Just open it. – DJ Khaled


To succeed, you must believe. When you believe, you will succeed. – DJ Khaled


In life everyone has a choice. The key is: make a right choice. – DJ Khaled


Bless up. Don’t play yourself. – DJ Khaled



The key is to be honest. Be honest, but don’t play yourself. – DJ Khaled


You do know it cost money to put a t-shirt on your back? You do know it cost money have a house? You do know it cost money to eat? Get money, don’t let these people fool you. – DJ Khaled


We have to get money. We have no choice. It cost money to eat. – DJ Khaled


The key to more success is coco butter. – DJ Khaled


They never said winning was easy. – DJ Khaled



I know that I’ve been put on this Earth to make people happy, to inspire people, and to uplift people. That’s a beautiful thing. – DJ Khaled


We go hard. In everything we do we’re going to accomplish our victory and our goal. If it takes a day, a year, or 20 years, we’re going to win. I haven’t taken a loss because everything I’ve done has been a working process to win. From being a kid on them turntables to becoming where I am is not a loss. It’s a blessing. – DJ Khaled


I can deal with everything. I got the answer for anything. – DJ Khaled


There will be roadblocks but we will overcome them. – DJ Khaled


Key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face. – DJ Khaled


Working all winter shining all summer – DJ Khaled


Give thanks to the most high. – DJ Khaled


Some of the guys when they play, they try to keep it reality. Nah, I need the best everything. – DJ Khaled


Always have Faith. Always have Hope. – DJ Khaled


The key is: never fold. – DJ Khaled

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Do you have any hilarious keys or Dj Khaled quotes we missed? Let us know!

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