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Drake Quotes – The Best Lines and Lyrics from MORE LIFE

More Life

This list is our favorite Drake Quotes from More Life for every twitter hashtag or instagram caption worthy moment you have this year.

It’s that time of year again: the day Drake finally drops another highly anticipated album. More Life is filled with quotes and lyrics that are perfectly timed to dominate radio and social media all summer.

After teasing us with Two Birds One Stone, Sneakin feat. 21 Savage, and Fake Love, Drizzy dropped More Life, the playlist follow-up to smash hit VIEWS. With 22-tracks and skits, the album is filled with the kind of classic punch lines and disses we’ve come to expect from Drake. The album is equal parts up-tempo afro-beat, U.K grime, and 808 bounce, so it’s a safe bet that it will be playing almost everywhere for the foreseeable future.

Below, we’ve assembled our list of favorites, so you’re ready to caption and hashtag all your daily roadman movements with the best Drake lyrics from More Life.

Listen to Drake – More Life on Spotify below:

Free Smoke


Produced By Boi-1da

Album More Life


On being broke:


Yeah, I couldn’t get a bill paid

You couldn’t buy the real thing

I was stayin’ up at yo’ place

Tryin’ to figure out the whole thing


On celebrity girlfriends:


I drunk text J-Lo

Old number, so it bounce back


On low-budget touring:


Southwest, no first class

Hilton rooms, gotta double up

Writin’ our name on a double cup

We ain’t even have a tour bus


Before being famous:


Girls wouldn’t even think of recordin’ me

I fall asleep in sororities

I had some different priorities

Weezy had all the authority

Women I like was ignorin’ me

Now they like, “Aren’t you adorable?”

I know the question rhetorical

I took the team plane from Oracle


When you’re friends with the Golden State Warriors


Mama never used to cook much

Used to chef KD

Now me and Chef, KD

Bet on shots for twenty G’s


When you ignore Jay-Z’s advice:


I didn’t listen to Hov on that old song

When he told me pay it no mind


When you go to war and end up riding off into the sunset:


How you let the kid fightin’

Ghost-writin’ rumors turn you to a ghost?

Oh, you niggas got jokes



No Long Talk


Featuring Giggs

Produced By CuBeatz & Murda

Album More Life


When you’re a Toronto mans with love for both sides

If Gilla call shots, no questions

G-Way ’til I’m restin’

But we still got love for the West End


When you’re the 6-GOD

Just know man like me, I’m a Sixer

And I oversee the whole thing

Yeah, I pree the whole thing




When you’re CERTY and you’ve watched child’s play:


If man child play it, then we Chucky somethin’

If man start throwin’, then we’re chuckin’ somethin’


And also recognize Mulder & Scully:


MAC-10 and the spesh flies, and the TEC slide

Nutty shit like somethin’ just climbed out the X-Files





Produced By Nana Rogues

Album More Life


When you break-up to make-up:



Between us just like picket fences

You got issues that I won’t mention for now

‘Cause we’re fallin’ apart


Hard at buildin’ trust from a distance

I think we should rule out commitment for now



You’re just doing that to get even

Don’t pick up the pieces, just leave it for now





Jorja Interlude


Featuring Jorja Smith

Produced By Noah “40” Shebib

Album More Life


When you’re ghosting in the wraith:


Tryna stay light on my toes

Just ran a light in a Rolls


Worried ’bout takin’ my lane

They ain’t even got on the road


On being famous:


They turn they back and they leave you

They gon’ be back when they need you

I practice good over evil

Flippin’ the script like a read-through

Yeah, all of my brothers, we equal

I play my part too, like a sequel


When you talk too much and haven’t watched any episodes of the Wire:


So much hate inside your heart

We don’t even know what we done to you

We just know shit gettin’ run through

Never chase it, let it come to you

You out here tellin’ everybody everything

You niggas move like the one-two, yeah


See me in traffic…pictures in lanes.

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Get It Together


Featuring Jorja Smith & Black Coffee

Produced By Nineteen85

Album More Life


When you realize you need to get your shi* together:


You need me to get that shi* together

So we can get together

You need me to get that shi* together

So we can get together

You need me to


Madiba Riddim


Produced By Frank Dukes & Nineteen85

Album More Life


When you’re on your Craig David:

I cannot tell who is my friend

I need distance between me and them

Gonna have to teach me how to love you again

God knows I’m trying


Anointed and protected, I was chosen

My heart is way too frozen to get broken


People change, I’m not surprised

Devil’s working overtime

Voodoo spells put on my life

It won’t work, they all have tried




Produced By T-Minus

Album More Life


When you’re Blem for real:


Don’t switch on me, I got big plans

We need to forward to the islands


When your “friends with benefits” situation gets complicated:


I need you to stop runnin’ back to your ex, he’s a wasteman

I wanna know, how come we can never splash and stay friends?


I know we can’t keep it together forever

Cause you’re crazy sometimes

And I only see you sometimes




Featuring Sampha

Produced By FrancisGotHeat

Album More Life


When you have a moment of clarity:


I know I fear trust

I know I fear fear too much

On my plate, lookin’ up

Outer space, Pearly Gates


I’m runnin’, but can’t run away

You say you changed but you never change up




Produced By IBeats

Album More Life


When that thug-life tattoo starts sounding like a good idea:


Hermès link, ice-blue mink

Tat on my ribs like I do not know what permanent is


She wanna get married tonight

But I can’t take a knee, ’cause I’m wearin’ all white


I don’t take naps

Me and the money are way too attached to go and do that

Muscle relax

That and the spliff put me right on my back, I gotta unpack


Keep hearin’ clicks when I’m talkin’ on the iPhone

Feds in the city hate to see us on a high note



When you tinder match but you’re on a budget:


Can’t get Nobu, but you can get Milestone

I gotta do mansion ’cause I outgrew condo

Gotta do Maybach, she wanna fuck on the drive home


Yeah, met her once and I got through

I’m never washed, but I’m not new


When you’re angling for the GOAT


I know I said top five, but I’m top two

And I’m not two and I got one

Thought you had one, but it’s not one, nigga, nah


Skepta Interlude


Featuring Skepta

Produced By Nana Rogues

Album More Life




When mans a grafter pulling a shift everyday:


You don’t know me

You better get to know me

Stand up tall, right next to Kobe

A young G, I had the weapon on me

Slice up work like pepperoni (shing!)


Fish-eye lens on my tunnel vision (straight)

Real life greaze when I touch the riddim

Still the same guy when I touched a million

Record labels wanted us to listen




Featuring Travis Scott & Quavo

Produced By CuBeatz & Murda

Album More Life


Yeah, my side girl got a 5S with the screen cracked

Still hit me back right away, better not never hesitate

Don’t come around thinkin’ you gettin’ saved


Tryna show the dogs brighter days

Got a torch, tryna light the way

Bitin’ everybody, which is ironic ’cause your next album probably won’t ever see the light of day


I could never have a kid, then be out here still kiddin’ around

Boys playin’ around, where you really wanna take it now?


Fuck bein’ rich when I’m forty, man, I’m tryna make it now




Michael Phelps with the swim moves

Skrrt, skrrt, oh

Michael Jordan with the tennis shoes

Skrrt, Skrrt


Ike Turner with the left hand (Ike)

Griselda Blanco with the trap moves


Undertaker with the tattoos

Never listen to the class rules


I’m a magnet for bad bitches (magnet)

You got the going out sad bitches


I got the keys to the streets (keys)

You got the key to defeat (defeated)


Travis Scott:


Throwin’ Dead Prez in my livin’ room

Takin’ shots, feelin’ bulletproof

Flood my rollie, told my bitch, “Let’s go snorkelin’!”


Out in Portland, tryna get in her organs

No, I did not sign with Jay, but I still send a Tidal wave


The way that she servin’ that cake, I gotta sit back and digest


I mix, double the cup when I stress

Got my momma out the basement

That’s a different type of face lift

Free Max B out the bracelets

Don’t hit us askin’ what the wave is




Featuring Young Thug & 2 Chainz

Produced By DeeJaeBee & T-Minus

Album More Life


Kendall turned 21, was up the street with 21

They could see me online, but they won’t see me on the ones


I got her waitin’ at my place, I got no baby on the way

I’m talkin’ Baby like Stunna, I’m talkin’ Baby like Face


Lost millions in the past, I’m talkin’ maybe like eight

Couple niggas from the city

Wishin’ on a star, could they be like Drake

Sorry, no, not today, you gotta find your own way


Like a kiss from a rose

I could be the one to seal your whole fate

So be careful what you think, think about what you gon’ say

Gotta deal with people straight, I got my 23’s laced

It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but I still gotta win the race, yeah


2 Chainz:


2 Chainz, I’m a real one

Few shows, that’s a mil run

When she bust it down

I said, “Thanks for givin’ to me,” like a pilgrim


Used to trap out the Hilton

Got wood on the Cartiers; that’s a face full of splinters


A-Town, I stay down, yeah, it’s all in the wrist

This one here out the fence

Trap jumpin’ like the Carter, mean it jumpin’ like Vince


Drench God with the 6 God, point guard and the two guard

“Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”

So I woke up with my wood hard


Young Thug:


I was stealin’ from a bitch (slime)

Back when I was 21 (facts)

My favorite gun was a SIG (nine)

20 in the clip, head one (no cockin’)


Double R, that’s a Rolls, paint it yellow like it’s dairy

I’m talkin’ Rose like Derrick

I’m talkin’ rolls like a belly (wooh)


I watch the game from the floor (floor seats)

I’m talkin’ wood, first mattress

I’m talkin’ wood, pants down

I’m talkin’ woods like them clowns (you get it?)


I got my mink off a monkey

I’m talkin’ monkey like Jumanji (hrr)

All your diamonds partly sunny

I’m talkin’ sunny like D, Sunny (Sunny Delight)

My diamonds wet, it cost me money

I’m talkin’ wet like it’s runnin’ (sink)

I’m talkin’ wet like Katrina (New Orleans)

I’m talkin’ wet like Dasani, huh


Nothings Into Somethings


Produced By Wallis Lane & G. Ry

Album More Life


When you “lean-in” like Sheryl Sandberg


Big cup of Ac’, I’m drowsy

I’m still posted up where you first found me


Least, do I get an invitation or something?

A statement or something?

Ask about that, you would say it was nothing

But here’s another nothing that you made into something


Teenage Fever


Produced By Hagler

Album More Life


When it starts feeling like high-school all over again:


Your heart is hard to carry after dark

You’re to blame for what we could have been


Your friends are scared to tell you went too far

Funny that it’s always been all about you from the start


Out of body

That’s just how I feel when I’m around you, shawty

Last night we didn’t say it

But girl, we both thought it


This shit feels like teenage fever

I’m not scared of it, she ain’t either




Featuring Giggs

Produced By Ness (HBTL) & Cameron Pasquale

Album More Life


When you’re trying to get your Leonardo DiCaprio on:


Love is just not in my plans

Not even takin’ a chance


When you’re feeling like a London Roadman:


I’m in the penthouse, but still nothin’ is sweet (yeah)

Dust a man down with the pen, it’s a sweep (mmm!)

Taller in person, you’ll see when we meet

I heard your new shi* and I’m kissin’ my teeth



Bringin’ that dirty, dirty, bringin’ that certy (certy)

Mizzy with the quick extension, ringin’ off thirty (rah!)


When you just finished Game Of Thrones Season 6:


Whippin’ that white girl (yeah?), cookin’ that Cersei (dah!)


And the new Batman:


Could’ve just slapped man, but he wanted it further (why?)

Batman, da-na-na-da-na



Lose You


Produced By Noah “40” Shebib & Stwo

Album More Life

When you love da kids:


No snow tires, the Range slip-slide like Trick Daddy and Trina

Oli North pull in, like, 10 million a season

Queen Street visions that nobody believed in


When the cross-town rivals are back together:


Fifty-two consecutive weekends, shout out to Weeknd

The city gets stronger when everybody is speakin’

Not when everybody out here beefin’

We got it, now we just gotta keep it


When you went to college/university but not afraid to shoot the fair one:


No hard feelings, but I’ll still get you spun

Went and got diplomas, and we still goin’ dumb


When you’re trying to be more Patriots than Falcons with it:


I’m in it for the glory, not the honor mention

Not tryna be fourth and inches, I’m tryna go the distance


When “they” don’t want you to win:


Opinions started to burn when tables started to turn

I really used to feel like they loved a nigga at first

Excitin’ times, revitalized


When you’re a “deadhead” but still thankful for the “life” you’re living:

Grateful like Jerry, Bob and Mickey

Better attitude, we’ll see where it gets me

I know catchin’ flies with honey is still sticky


When you’re the original Sweeterman:


I wrote the book on world-class finesses

And tasteful gestures and makin’ efforts

And never placin’ second

And even better knowin’ you’re first but then takin’ second


When “they” don’t like that you’ve made it:


Winnin’ is problematic

People like you more when you workin’ towards somethin’

Not when you have it

Way less support from my peers

In recent years as I get established


When “they” start to plan for your downfall, word to Dj Khaled:


How they go from not wantin’ me at all

To wantin’ to see me lose it all?


When you started from the bottom but “they” don’t appreciate the comeup


Only child that’s takin’ care of his mother

As health worsens and bills double

That’s not respectable all of a sudden?

I don’t get a pat on the back for the come up?



Can’t Have Everything


Produced By Jazzfeezy & Steve Samson

Album More Life


When you’re feeling like you’re one and done:


Started out doin’ college shows, Calipari flow

Then I popped like you never seen

We with everything, I went off in the ’16, give me ’17


When you handle beef like a Texas rancher:


Finally got my mind in a free state

Ni***s tried to serve me up a cheesesteak

I gave them back a clean plate

Same ni***s preein’, ’cause they hate to see the team straight


When anyone can get it:


Y’all fu**in’ hilarious

Y’all really think y’all ni***s teamin’ up and scarin’ us

Y’all ni***s is arrogant, y’all sleep at the Sheraton

All that shi* embarrassin’

Tell your big homie I’m all for goin’ there again

He ain’t even die and I ball with his inheritance

All that’s in my account at the Bank of America

All that Drake hysteria

Six side, east side, all that for my area




Featuring Kanye West

Produced By Noah Goldstein, Noah “40” Shebib & Kanye West

Album More Life


Kanye West & Drake

When you come up like George and Weezie:
Your boy all glowed up

Every time we touch down, bet it go up

‘Member doin’ shows, ain’t nobody show up

Pour your heart out, ain’t nobody show love

They used to laugh when my whip was on the tow truck

‘Til me and bein’ broke finally broke up


Since Way Back



Produced By FLR, M3rge & Deezy, G. Ry, PARTYNEXTDOOR & 1 more

Album More Life


When you playing the long game and finesse it just right:


You were someone else’s wife in fact

You didn’t even look at me like that

Then it all just switched, over time

Step by step and you know what’s next

Girl, I can’t pretend


Fake Love


Produced By Vinylz & Frank Dukes

Album More Life


When you turn nothing into something:

I’ve been down so long, it look like up to me

They look up to me

I got fake people showin’ fake love to me

Straight up to my face, straight up to my face

When you don’t need a “hand”, you’re doing fine yourself:


Just when shit look out of reach

I reach back like one, three

Like one, three, yeah


When it isn’t tatted so you know it isn’t real:


That’s when they smile in my face

Whole time they wanna take my place


Ice Melts


Featuring Young Thug

Produced By S1 & Supah Mario

Album More Life

When you’re feeling like the KING:


I still need some satisfaction

A little less talk and a little more action


When you got the icebox where your hear used to be:


Gettin’ realer and realer, yeah, yeah, yeah

But you icy like 1017 (icy)


Do Not Disturb


Produced By Boi-1da

Album More Life


When it was all good just a week ago:


Yeah, stylin’ though

Dissin’ but got pictures with me smilin’ though

All the things you need, you still want problems though


When you’re reflecting on your days as a roadman:


Yeah, used to be at SilverCity, Indigo

Used to be in lunchroom, playin’ dominoes


When you’re on that Joe Maddon but need some Meatballs and Ceasar Alla ZZ:


Last table left in Carbone, callin’ plays on the rotary phone

I take a glass of Domina to go with me home

Might move our annual shit to the ‘Dome

I need 40,000 people to see what I’m on


When you take no days off:


Get no sick days, I leave for like three months in six days

Never stick around to see shit change


When you’re about to go on hiatus:


Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me

I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary


When there’s nothing left to say:


More Life


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