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Motivational: Tyrese Gibson on Change, Excuses, & Negativity (Video)

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This was an interesting video we came across today. Simply titled “Change The Things That Are Around You”, actor Tyrese Gibson, gives an inspiring take on why your individual success is tied to your attitude, drive and willingness to work hard.

He also takes a very strong stance regarding personal responsibility. He touches on the excuses we make, and the negativity we allow around us that continues to hinder our success. An example of this is where he states:

“We are raised in a generation of people, who make every excuse in the book, as to why they aren’t winning.

and suggests that instead you:

“Change your mind, and you change your life.”

It’s an 8 minute speech – with some profanity – so although it’s motivational in nature, it’s not entirely safe for work.

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Let us know in the comments if you found it inspiring or motivational.

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