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11 Tila Tequila Quotes That Prove She’s The Dumbest Celebrity Ever

And the Tila Tequila quotes just keep rolling in. Just last week, in an angry tirade, the conspiracy theorist “enlightened” Tila Tequila claimed to know the true secrets behind Elisa Lam and Paul Walker’s deaths. Both Lam and Walkers deaths have been examined and attributed as accidental, however, Tila wasn’t convinced.  She took to her Facebook page, and in her best Ms. Cleo impression, decided to wax poetic about what really happened to both of them. Given the proximity to Walker’s death, people were pretty pissed but seemed to get over it fairly quickly.

That was until today when she decided to throw herself head first into the eye of a massive shi*storm.

First, she posted a photo of herself with a Nazi armband and soldiers hat. And if THAT wasn’t enough, she decided it would be a good idea to defend Hitler. According to Tila, Hitler was a “sweet and special kid” who was “bullied” and denied from attending Art schools.

But wait, there more!

After that went over terribly, she went on to clarify:

“I never said I hated anyone, but just because I feel sympathy, compassion, and forgiveness for others such as Hitler means I am now a monster? All for trying to open your eyes to the truth that Hitler was NOT as bad as he was painted out to be?”


Here’s hoping this is the nail in the coffin for someone who should have never been a celebrity in the first place.

Below, we take a look at some less offensive, but equally stupid quotes Tila Tequila has said over the years.

11 Tila Tequila Quotes That Prove She’s The Dumbest Celebrity Ever

1) On Really being A Nerd At Heart:

“I think nerdy stuff is sexy. I like to watch the History Channel and learn about the universe, quantum physics and stuff like that.”

Our Thoughts: This is very convincing, especially the quantum physics part. Watch out Stephen Hawking!


2) On Adoption:

“I definitely want to adopt a boy.”

Our Thoughts: Is this sexist or just stupid? we can’t really tell.


3) On Being A “Lesbian”

“There are no games. It’s true what they say about lesbians: you meet and then the next day you move in together.”

Our Thoughts: Because stereotypes are always soooo accurate aren’t they? WTF


4) On Mastering Social Media:

“I’ve found my calling with Twitter. It’s all about the amount of interaction you do, and the traffic you move, and I’m really good at that. I keep going and going and going, and no one can believe that I can keep it up.”

Our Thoughts: So it’s not about posting interesting, content people want to share? We must be doing it wrong.


5) On What She Actually Does:

“I just sit around at home, and I have nothing to do, so I am on the Internet all the time.”

Our Thoughts: How this woman makes millions is beyond us.

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6) On Raising A Family:

“I want to make at least another billion dollars before I adopt children so I can just focus on them. Like, just move to an island and give them everything.”

Our Thoughts: It takes a billion dollars to raise children? We better start saving.


7) On Why Her “Celebrity” Status Is Tanking:

“When I started on MySpace, people wanted to support me, but once I rose to fame with the MTV show, they felt like I had abandoned them for some reason, that I was too famous to talk to them anymore.”

Our Thoughts: Here we thought people were just over the fact that she was talentless. That explains it.


8) On College:

“I knew out of high school I didn’t want to go to college. I knew what whatever I did wouldn’t have anything to do with college.”

Our Thoughts: Kids: stay in school.


9) On Everyone Woman Secretly Being Bi-Sexual:

“I think every girl is born bisexual. Before I was 10, I had had experiences with girls. I didn’t have my first kiss with a guy until I was 15. I was with women long before that.”

Our Thoughts: We’re still getting over the claim about her “experiences” with girls. I mean seriously, 10yrs old?


10) On Being A Woman:

“I’m a woman, so I’m going to be woman as much as I can.”

Our Thoughts: We have no idea what this is supposed to mean.


11) And of ofcourse the piece de resistance, whatever the heck this was that she posted to her Facebook page:

Life is so crazy, seeing kids having babies
News of War and Riots, while others possessed like Miley Cyrus,
Games run deep with the mind, body & souls
behind the hidden hands that seem to be in control
But there are 2 sides to every story
One leads to death, and the other one Glory
Or is it the other way around?
Oh how tricky is this story?
Which side you are on that is all up to you
but if you want to play this game, first be sure you know your own truth
As for myself I’ve already passed those silly little games,
So here I stand to share my knowledge and all my heart with you..
Are you through?

Our Thoughts: riiiiiiiiiiight. “insert massive eyeroll here”

Have any wild and crazy Tila Tequila quotes we may have missed? Let us know in the comments.

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Michelle Quinteros is a pop culture and lifestyle writer with a fancy degree from McMaster University. When she’s not writing for Quotezine, she can be found excessively quoting The Simpsons or binge watching Netflix.

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