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Why Columbus Was Awful (Infographic)

As today marks both Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day, we felt compelled to share an infographic–from the good folks over at the oatmeal–that tells a very different story. Giving thanks, expressing gratitude and celebrating with friends and family is definitely still of great importance to us. It’s something we believe in celebrating on more than just holidays. But as with most holidays, we felt it was a great day to reflect on our history as well.

Many ordinary Americans are unaware of the many myths associated with this holiday.  The idea that Columbus was the first to discover America, that many at the time believed the world was flat or that Columbus was motivated by an interest in discovering new lands. All myths debunked in this clever infographic.

In fact, we were taken aback at how many of the facts in this incredibly detailed and well researched piece we were completely oblivious to.

So, take a look and let us know your thoughts/reactions. And again, any excuse to spend time with friends and family is a bonus. However, it should also be an opportunity to learn more about what we’re celebrating and why some may take offense to it.

Why Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not) 


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image via: The Oatmeal

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